Follow – September 2021. I made a libretto for a new music piece at Gaudeamus.

I have been collaborating on Follow for the past several months, with ace composer Igor C Silva and the superb performer Stephanie Pan. Follow opens at Gaudeamus New Music Week, in The Hague, September 8!

Attend the opening or stream it here.

Read some words about our recent iteration of Language Reversal: Move Past What We Know.

Clarinda Mac Low, Ogemdi Ude and I made art out of our long correspondences with artists Natalia Tikhanova, Amrita Hepi and Milan Vracar. Brendan McCall wrote responses. Thank you to Abrons for hosting. We will be back with more Language Reversal next year.

Read about the work here.

New Writing in River Teeth this summer

The journal is putting out an essay I wrote about a terrible blunder I made as a table waiter in 1996. Do you have service industry experience? This essay is for you.

Look for it here