Aaron Landsman – Practices of Belonging

Month: July 2008

  • Artists and gentrification

    I just came back from the Creative Capital annual retreat, where I taught a workshop in professional development for their new grantees. Someone asked me to write down what I said there about the Creative Economy – a great discussion came up about it at our workshop – and so I’ll give it a whirl…

  • New Temp Service For Writers

    I’d like to propose a new kind of temp service for spoiled, lazy writers like myself. The way it would work is that, once the fun part of the creative process was over – the part where you get to feel the thrill of filling a blank page, say, or the joy of writing the…

  • I am always amazed at how tricky it is to write a play, or a performance text, or even to know what it is before it’s in front of people. The other day I got actors and a director in a room to work on a script I’ve had kicking around called How To Kill…

  • Untitled post 143

    A couple of weekends ago, ERS went up to the Orchard Project in Hunter, NY to brainstorm a bit about what kind of new show we might make. There was swimming and also poker, but we did do some work, as evinced above.

  • Hello and Welcome

    This is where I’m going to post a few things periodically about the work I’m doing, the people I’m knowing, the places I’m going, and so on. Please come back real soon.