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  • A Mix

    I’m typing on my device, with my thumbs, while riding an M14A bus through a neighborhood that feels like it is slipping away, in a city that stays so vital despite itself. I loved taking my son with me to vote. I loved voting for the first female presidential candidate, even as I wish I […]

  • All Of The Above

    In the week between the Republican and Democratic national conventions I had a travel day that ended up running several hours long, taking me from Raleigh, where I’d been teaching, to DC, where I was supposed to change planes, then back to Charlotte because of equipment failure, and then ultimately to Minneapolis, where I would […]

  • Collective Delusionary*

    *Appropos of nothing – I meant to post this little piece of writing around 9-11 this year, and forgot, and then was getting rid of old things and found it and remembered.  _____ The collective delusionary would not be surprised if five or 10 or 100 years from now, if any of our descendants are left, it […]

  • Night Walk, Catskills, June 2013