Month: February 2010

  • Ozen Yula

    Ozen Yula

    My friend and colleague Ozen Yula is the victim of a smear campaign in Istanbul.Ozen and I met working with Free Theater Belarus a couple years ago, and I really think his plays are amazing – brutal, hilarious, subtle, and fearless. His most recent is called Yala Ama Yutma, translated roughly as, “Lick But Don’t…

  • David Smith’s questions for students of art

    David Smith’s questions for students of art

    While researching for a freelance job, I came across this series of questions posed by David Smith (1906-1965), a sculptor: Questions to Students The following series of questions appears in an undated typescript among the David Smith Papers. It was probably written about 1953-54. 1. Do you make art your life, that which always comes…

  • Basement Tape

    I wrote this in 2005. I’d love for you to read it now. HOBART is a great little journal.