Appointment At Prelude

We did the first-ever installment of Appointment at the Prelude Festival yesterday. Four short pieces, written by me, Brent Green, Sibyl Kempson and Daniel Alexander Jones. A seat-of-the-pants production. Really wonderful performers including Stacey Robinson, Julia Jarcho, Pete Simpson and Anna Foss Wilson (also me and Brent). I can’t wait to do more of this.

Highlights for me, performing my own piece:
1. People not being able to distinguish between the intimate conversation in the active hallway at CUNY that started my piece, and the other office activities in said hallway, and me informally chatting with a friend or colleague.

2. The fact that, when given the choice to perform my piece for the next viewer, everyone agreed to do it!

Here is Morgan Jenness performing for David Townsend. And also Stacey Robinson performing “Blondell Is Businessfied” by Daniel Alexander Jones.