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  • The Times’ Real Estate Section Makes Me Mad

    In 2000, I wrote copy at a dot com startup called, which was either ahead of its time, a dumb idea, or both. It folded about eight months after I got there, and for a few months I got unemployment (what my wife called a ‘Department Of Labor Fellowship’) between freelance gigs. I was…

  • Thought of the day

    I don’t care about the amount of arts funding we have in this country. I care about the distribution of resources. I don’t care about grants. I care about health care. More on this later.

  • Tim Etchells Wrote What I Wish I Had Written, And Hopefully Will Write At Some Point Soon

    “I believe in that, he said. Performance creates a space in which different kinds of contact are possible, different kinds of conversations. It is a place to step out of, side step from the general tendency to commodified lust wrapped, crushed and hidden in panic and terror.” – Tim Etchells

  • 2013 morning oatmeal anecdote

    In our house, everyone likes oatmeal. And for people who know us, “our house” means many different locations these days, as Jo goes through grad school in Illinois and I come back and forth and go elsewhere for work. So the idea of “home is what you make of it” or “home is what you…

  • Against the binary

    I am tired of binary arguments on the web. This blog is dedicated to something else. Otherwise you’re just wrong and I’m just right. More to follow.

  • Getting CATT-y Again

    The debate in the comments below let me to revisit the work we did at the Collective Arts Think Tank a couple years ago. It’s largely centered on the dread cultural hub of New York, but it’s relevant, I think, beyond our borders. And I think Scott Walters and I have lots of crossover –…

  • Chasing Our Tails

    In reading this article, and the responses in the comments section, and on other sites, most of which seem to engage in the, “Jane you ignorant slut” style of debate, I started to feel a little crazy. One of the things I want most for people in the arts to do is stop complaining about…

  • Laura Poitras

    Beautiful interview between Creative Time’s Nato Thompson and filmmaker (and target of harassment and surveillance by US intelligence agencies) Laura Poitras: LISTEN What is amazing here is how deeply and fluently the conversation moves among history, craft, aesthetic, politics and meaning.

  • Color Me Obsessed (a fan letter to a fan letter)

    I rented this documentary last night. It’s about The Replacements. I was lucky enough to grow up in Minneapolis in the 80’s, while they were at their best/worst, and I am easy prey for nostalgia trips about that time. For the first five minutes my resistance was up – the film is full of terrible documentary…

  • John Stewart

    I watch this every year around this time and it still gets me: The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook