Collective Delusionary*


*Appropos of nothing – I meant to post this little piece of writing around 9-11 this year, and forgot, and then was getting rid of old things and found it and remembered. 


The collective delusionary would not be surprised if five or 10 or 100 years from now, if any of our descendants are left, it is revealed that the government created ISIS and sacrificed one of its own because profiteers were feeling a little edgy about how Russia was cornering the war machine market.

The collective delusionary says “never forget,” “never again,” and “we will rebuild.”

From the comfort of its Facebook, and its television screens.

Over and over again.

Like a Hallmark card you grab on your way to a wedding. “Wishing You Eternal Happiness. Never Forget. Love, Me.”

The card says, “This day brings out the best in all of us.”

The collective delusionary wonders why all of us are not just throwing our bodies in front of the war machine.

The collective delusionary likes its coffee from third world farmers treated respectably, relatively speaking, with a little half and half.

The collective delusionary is hit where it lives by the imagery it sees. And reflective.

The collective delusionary lives in New York, and why do the towers of light display become more emotional and soft each year?

Because the light display means the terrorists have won?

Because this is a city that does nothing if it does not subsume – whole movements, monuments, populations have been cauldroned up in this shitstorm and siphoned out into the rest of America, newly minted and generic.

But these two light towers that stop me in my tracks on the way home, along Thompkins Square Park, shooting my memory up into the sky, ashes, ashes, the towers of light hold the collective delusionary in a state of suspended belief.

Launch the jets. Call on your selfless sons and daughters. We are rising; we are different; we are going to be okay.