Help Me Make An Appointment

People. I need help paying collaborators on Appointment, the new, ongoing performance project I’m working on.

“Appointment” is short, repeatable one-on-one performances in small offices. The first Appointment happens at PRELUDENYC in about two weeks. After that I’m going to Oslo in March to work with students at the TITAN Theater School on Norwegian Appointments. And more are in the works.

If you pledge money to my Kickstarter page, I’ll be able to pay artists working with me on this project. Right now those collaborators include Sibyl Kempson, Daniel Alexander Jones, and Brent Green. You heard me. Who wouldn’t want an appointment with one of them? At PreludeNYC, we’ll be working on appointments that involve a handgun, a description of menstruation, an instructional in getting by at the workplace, and a chance to take my job.

I’d love for you help.