Perfect City: San Francisco Postcard

Come to Perfect City’s panel discussion, October 6th.


Here is a  postcard from San Francisco.


We wandered your city and found parts of it dying. The parts with the shine and gloss. The parts with the locally sourced food. We found ourselves eating your past. And we have to say it tasted great.

We found ourselves shopping at vintage stores, which used to be thrift stores, which sell the same clothes, just higher. We found ourselves at the taco place where meals carry the names of preppy dogs.

For years, we found ourselves recognizing the look of the people, but not the affect. We found the possibility of connection but no real words. We found ourselves treading on the cliché. We didn’t think much of it and went on our way. And now it’s coming to bite us in the ass. With artisan teeth.

We found we missed the elegant and dirty anger of 20 years ago. We found The Dead looked pretty appealing. We found ourselves at a funeral for our own myths of you.

We found ourselves unable to speak clearly. We watched city after city build and fall, rise and breathe, become derelict and then hologram.