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  • From Novi Sad, Serbia, A Proposal.

    Hello. It’s November 27. I am in Novi Sad, where three years ago Kulturanova did a Serbian-language version of my play Open House, which is performed in homes. I’m here in the aftermath of the November 8 US election, wondering what to do. I’m talking to people about former President Milosevic, current President Nikolić (possibly worse, depending […]

  • In Praise of Unresolved Work

    This is something I wrote for the NEFA National Theater Project blog, earlier this year. Mallory and I are working on a book now, about City Council Meeting, and I’ve been going over some of the critical and curatorial conversations that have been had about it, by us and others. Please enjoy and disseminate as needed. IN […]

  • Dwayne Calizo

    Last summer, I got to sit with Dwayne Patrick Calizo​ in the park by Yerba Buena Center, in San Francisco for a couple of hours. I was expecting we might be there for a half hour, maybe 45 minutes. Dwayne was becoming the centerpiece of our version of City Council Meeting at Zspace the next […]

  • I’m not a ‘creative’. Creative is an adjective, not a noun. I’m a noun. I’m an artist. Everyone is creative.

    For me this is about two things: first, is just my inner cranky grammarian; “creative” is an adjective. Second is that calling someone a “creative” for me undercuts the potency of being an artist. I don’t think “artist” is slippery. It’s a noun, it’s a way of thinking of things. It’s a profession if you’re […]

  • Perfect City: San Francisco Postcard

    Come to Perfect City’s panel discussion, October 6th. INFO Here is a  postcard from San Francisco. We wandered your city and found parts of it dying. The parts with the shine and gloss. The parts with the locally sourced food. We found ourselves eating your past. And we have to say it tasted great. We […]

  • Another Year, Another Pollyanish Breakfast Metaphor, But This One In The Style Of Vice Magazine.

    I fucking love to make pancakes from scratch. I think they are pretty good, too, and my wife loves them also, as does my son. My son (get ready to be jealous other hipster hippie art parents who try to give their kids healthy eating habits in this fucked up consumer junk food culture) likes […]

  • PAVE Lecture

    I gave a little talk on “Thriving As An Artist,” this fall, at ASU’s PAVE Program. I hope you enjoy it. IT’S RIGHT HERE

  • More Questions About Detroit (And Other Places)

    “In particular, indigenous peoples and people of color become the occasion by which the white subject can self-reflect on her/his privilege.” – Andrea Smith,“The Problem With Privilege.” The post I wrote over the summer about Detroit was nicely picked up by Culturebot, and was praised by a lot of my friends. Soon after I put it […]

  • TCG Roundtable On Innovation

    Coming off the three-city premiere of City Council Meeting last month, I wrote this in preparation for TCG’s annual conference. CONCURRENCIES

  • I Don’t Brand

    In the last two or three weeks, I’ve been asked to be a part of several workshops or panel discussions on the importance of ‘branding.’ Know your brand, You Are Your Brand, etc. It makes me wonder if I’ve been doing something wrong, teaching the kinds of professional development workshops I do. To me, the […]