Month: October 2009

  • Less with more, part 1

    Lately, when I teach workshops, talk to artists and think about my own career as a playwright and performer, I have been using the phrase “Do less with more,” as a counter to the crisis mode that seems embedded in much of the art production I see around me. I’ve been writing about this in…

  • Appointment Audio

    Here is a link to audio from my Appointment piece, performed October 2 at Prelude:CLICK TO PLAY

  • Appointment At Prelude

    Appointment At Prelude

    We did the first-ever installment of Appointment at the Prelude Festival yesterday. Four short pieces, written by me, Brent Green, Sibyl Kempson and Daniel Alexander Jones. A seat-of-the-pants production. Really wonderful performers including Stacey Robinson, Julia Jarcho, Pete Simpson and Anna Foss Wilson (also me and Brent). I can’t wait to do more of this.…